Ubuntu Overview

What is Ubuntu?The next version of Ubuntu is here

is a free alternative to (or replacement for) Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and other operating systems for your computer (desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, server etc.).

Ubuntu is more than just an operating system though and has a huge wealth of software to help you
  • be productive at work
  • communicate - social media, email
  • be creative - pictures, images, sound, video and animation
  • play - games, ebooks, movies, music
  • educate
  • write your own software
  • be safe online

What software is available for Ubuntu?
Take a look at the most commonly used software that Ubuntu offers to get a basic view of what is available.

There are thousands of pieces of software available for Ubuntu, conveniently managed by the Ubuntu Software centre (similar to other market places such as Android and the Apple store).  The software centre provides a simplel and organised way to manage your software collection and to browse or search through then entire Ubuntu software collection.  The software centre manages adding and removing software safely and securely, ensuring software packages do not conflict with each other.

Getting Started with Ubuntu

You can try out Ubuntu without deleting or damaging anything on your computer.  If you like what you see, you can also install Ubuntu directly on your computer, side by side with what you have already or as a complete replacement.

The most recent version of Ubuntu is 10.10 - nicknamed Maverick Meerkat (Release Notes)

The background to Ubuntu, why it came about and why Ubuntu will always be free is covered in the Ubuntu story.

Evolving User experience
The people behind Ubuntu have created a stable and user friendly experience to all and are extending this principle by seeking out new ways to present information and software to you.  With the Ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition, a real shake up of the user experience is happening with the "Unity" desktop which aims to make the computing experience more rewarding for all.

You can try out the new Unity desktop by installing the Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook edition, or wait for Ubuntu 11.04 for an improved user experience across desktop and netbook versions.